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Sunday 17 March 2019  
Cardio Fusion4:00pm    

Category : Fitness & Aquatics Center
Class: Cardio Fusion
Instructor: Erin
Start Time: 4:00pm
End Time: 4:45pm
Class Description:
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Monday 18 March 2019  
Barre Balance8:00am    

Category : Fitness & Aquatics Center
Class: Barre Balance
Instructor: Kathryn
Start Time: 8:00am
End Time: 8:45am
Class Description: This class will incorporate work on the ballet barre. Think increased overall core strength, and greater stability, and flexibility. This class requires no previous experience.
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Tuesday 19 March 2019  

Wednesday 20 March 2019  

Thursday 21 March 2019  

Friday 22 March 2019  
Step & Tone8:15am    

Category : Fitness & Aquatics Center
Class: Step & Tone
Instructor: Ana
Start Time: 8:15am
End Time: 9:00pm
Description: This is a choreographed class that incorporates a platform to step up and down to get you in your fat burning zone. Weights are added in the Step & Tone class.
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Baseball/Softball registration Ends8:30am    

Category : Baseball
Boys Coaches Pitch (7-8 year old male)

9/10 Baseball (9-10 year old male)

11/12 Baseball (11-12 year old male)

9/10 Softball (9-10 year old female)

11-13 Softball (11-13 year old female)

13-15 Baseball (13-15 year old male)

Boys T-Ball (5-6 year old male)

Girls T-Ball (5-6 year old female)

Girls Coaches Pitch (7-8 year old female) ...
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Category : Fitness & Aquatics Center
Class: Low Impact Aquacise Class
Instructor: Andrea
Start Time: 9:00am
End Time: 9:45am
Description: These classes are designed to increase flexibility, stability, and total body toning while providing an aerobic workout without wear and tear on your joints.
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Rock Bottom9:10am    

Category : Fitness & Aquatics Center
Class: Rock Bottom
Instructor: Racheal
Start Time: 9:10am
End Time: 10:00am
Class Description: This class specifically targets the "problem" areas of the lower body. This format only caters to those areas that we all want to get firmer toned thighs and a lifted bottom as just some of the benefits.
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Saturday 23 March 2019  
Late Baseball/Softabll registration beginsCategory : Baseball
During the late registration period it will only go on a day by day basis. Please call 225-665-5405 or email John Arbour at to see if registration is still open ...
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Zumba Strong9:00am    

Category : Fishing
Class: Zumba Strong
Instructor: Kristie
Start Time: 9:00am
End Time: 9:45am
Class Description: This is an exciting class that fuses Latin music and easy to follow moves using fast and slow rhythms to sculpt and tone your body while burning fat.
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